Guardians of the Galaxy Card Set (1-90)

Guardians of the Galaxy Card Set (1-90)

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2014 Upper Deck Guardians of the Galaxy Card Set (1-90)

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1   On a desolate planet, a man wearing a mask surveys
2   The man continues to trek through the rain and pas
3   He stands before an ancient abandoned temple that
4   The traveler takes off his mask now that he has re
5   Quill uses a plasma light to explore the temple va
6   Peter Quill finds a metallic orb with a sacred pre
7   Peter Quill gazes closer at the ancient temple's v
8   Peter Quill successfully obtains the orb, but a st
9   After lying and dodging Korath's questions, Peter
10   Korath tries to determine Quill's knowledge of thi
11   Along with his long coat and red-lensed mask, Quil
12   Monks bathe Ronan the Accuser. They prepare Ronan
13   Ronan is adorned with a thick armor and headdress
14   One of Ronan's lieutenants, Nebula, hands him his
15   Ronan the Accuser is ready to punish the planet Xa
16   As an Accuser, Ronan punishes a person or group fo
17   The Nova Corps is informed that Ronan is currently
18   Ronan meets with his lieutenants to move forward w
19   Because of Korath's failure, Ronan relays to his l
20   Ronan's dedication to a cause intensifies his temp
21   Nebula assures Ronan that they will possess the or
22   Yondu contacts Quill because he is upset that his
23   Quill takes the orb to a vendor on Xandar. The Bro
24   When Quill mentions the name Ronan, the Broker imm
25   As part of a group that fought on Xandar, Gamora i
26   All new prisoners of the Kyln must undergo a clean
27   Hoverbots linger to ensure that the new prisoners
28   After a good wash, Quill is given a yellow prison
29   Peter Quill walks into the Kyln's Central Area. It
30   The object thrown at Quill was meant for Gamora. M
31   Most of the prisoners' threats are aimed at Gamora
32   During Peter Quill's first night at the Kyln, he o
33   At night, a group of prisoners gang up on Gamora t
34   Drax keeps an eye on Quill and the group, knowing
35   The Kyln goes into emergency mode, causing some pr
36   The prison guards notice Rocket's influence over G
37   Drax watches as Rocket's escape plan is put into a
38   Drax invites himself to Rocket and Quill's escape
39   For their escape, Rocket assigned Peter Quill with
40   Quill equips his trigger finger to fight his way o
41   The Kyln's newest residents break out after a nigh
42   In the Kyln impound, Quill locates his ship, the M
43   As Quill storms back into the Kyln alone, Rocket i
44   Quill defeats everything that stands between him a
45   Rocket flies the Milano to avoid being recaptured
46   Onboard the Milano, Quill discusses with his fello
47   Gamora does not know what the orb is or what it do
48   Yondu followed Quill's trail to the Broker. He is
49   Gamora's client is located on the planet Knowhere.
50   The destitute conditions of Knowhere make it a per
51   Peter Quill had not known how precious the orb is.
52   Drax the Destroyer reminds Quill that he did not s
53   Having already interfered once with Drax's revenge
54   Drax is unhappy with how long this quest is taking
55   Drax tries to relax with what Knowhere has to offe
56   Because Drax is already agitated, Rocket offends h
57   On a balcony at Boot of Jemiah, Gamora shares her
58   The new client for the orb is the Collector. As he
59   After Quill and Gamora learn the significance of t
60   Gamora's new objective is to prevent Ronan from ob
61   After speaking with Gamora's buyer, Quill finds Dr
62   With ronan's arrival on Knowhere, Drax can finally
63   Nebula expresses disgust at Gamora's recent action
64   Ronan adds to Drax's shock and humiliation of bein
65   Because Nebula snatched the orb from Gamora, Ronan
66   Ronan realizes that by keeping the orb, he can des
67   Ronan the Accuser has become too strong for the No
68   With Ronan's shift in power, the bridge of a Ravag
69   Quill persuades Gamora, Rocket, Groot and Drax to
70   The Milano helps the Ravagers fight Ronan's fleet
71   Necrocraft shoot Yondu out of the sky. He lands on
72   Although Yondu presents himself as unarmed, the Sa
73   Yondu strikes at the Sakaaran soldiers with his tr
74   The Guardians of the Galaxy hit the Dark Aster har
75   As a child on Earth, Peter Quill could not face hi
76   Quill looks toward his new teammates before they d
77   Gamora, Quill and Drax head for the flight deck on
78   Nebula confronts Drax, Quill and Gamora. After Dra
79   Gamora does not wish to fight Nebula. She tries to
80   Drax cries out for a fight to all the warriors ins
81   Quill carries another weapon harnessed on his back
82   Drax the Destroyer and Peter Quill stand victoriou
83   Nebula and Gamora trained together to become exper
84   The rising tension between the two warriors Gamora
85   The Dark Aster is blasted at the hull. Gamora cont
86   Gamora triumphs against Nebula, but she is not don
87   Ronan's former lieutenant has returned to fight fo
88   Quill brandishes the Hadron Enforcer that Rocket m
89   Quill makes a clean hit at Ronan's chest with Rock
90   To everyone's dismay, Ronan still stands after a d