X-Men Orgins: Wolverine Movie Card Set (1-72)

X-Men Orgins: Wolverine Movie Card Set (1-72)

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2009 Rittenhouse Archives X-Men Orgins: Wolverine Movie Card Set (1-72)

No.   Card Text / Title                                       Artist / # Sketched

Plot Cards

01   X-Men Origins: Wolverine features Hugh Jackman
02   At home in the 1800's, young James Howlett is
03   Young James Howlett is often sick, but his hea
04   Young Victor Creed possesses hiks own mutant p
05   Thomas Logan arrives at the Howlett home in a
06   After witnessing the murder of his father John
07   Young James Howlett, with his bone claws revea
08   Young James Howlett attacks and impales Thomas
09   After murdering Thomas Logan, James Howlett es
10   As adults, Logan and Victor Creed remain close
11   After spending decades on the run, Logan final
12   Bradley, an otherwise everyday carnival employ
13   Victor Creed pays Bradley a visit.
14   William Stryker and Agent Zero pay an unexpect
15   While working at a logging camp, Logan meets u
16   William Stryker and Agent Zero offer to help L
17   Logan flashes back to a time when he and Victo
18   After surviving the firing squad, Logan and Vi
19   Logan and Kayla enjoy their peaceful life in t
20   Kayla gives Logan a good-bye kiss, as the two
21   Logan hears the terrifying scream of Kayla, wh
22   Victor Creed sets out in search of Logan, with
23   Logan arrives too late to save Kayla, the love
24   After killing Logan's lover, Victor Creed goes
25   Victor Creed anticipates a battle with his hal
26   Seeking revenge for the death of Kayla, Logan
27   With bone claws bared, Logan and Victor Creed
28   Victor Creed holds his own against Logan, who
29   Victor Creed breaks Logan's bone claws.
30   After being defeated by Victor Creed, a badly
31   William Stryker convinces Logan to undergo an
32   Logan prepares to be injected with Adamantium.
33   At the secret base, General Munson oversees th
34   As part of the procedure to make Logan indestr
35   Logan lies submerged in a tank of water, where
36   During surgery, Logan flashes back to when he
37   During his flashback, Logan recalls the other
38   William Stryker searches for Adamantium, an in
39   Victor Creed is among the team members helping
40   After his team successfully bonds Adamantium t
41   After escaping from Stryker's base, Logan seek
42   Logan examines his new Adamantium claws.
43   Logan and Travis Hudson have a friendly conver
44   Agent Zero pursues Logan by helicopter, but Lo
45   As Agent Zero lays injured, Logan calls out to
46   Armed with greater strength and fighting abili
47   Logan travels to Las Vegas, where he finds ano
48   Logan meets up with John Wraith, who tells Log
49   In order to gain information about Stryker's l
50   With his bones now coated with Adamantium, Log
51   After defeating Dukes in the ring, Logan deman
52   High school student Scott is a mutant, trying
53   Victor Creed captures Scott and brings the you
54   After Logan and John Wraith have left to pursu
55   Logan and John Wraith have joined forces in pu
56   In New Orleans, Logan and Wraith find Remy LeB
57   Remy LeBeau checks out the action as Logan bat
58   Victor Creed gets the upper hand on John Wrait
59   Logan attacks Victor Creed, whose healing powe
60   Remy LeBeau enters the fray between Logan and
61   After Logan convinces Remy LeBeau that they ar
62   Remy LeBeau pilots his plane and takes Logan t
63   Logan gains the upper hand with Victor Creed a


64   Taylor Kitsch, who plays the formidable Remy L
65   Director Gavin Hood discusses a scene with Wil
66   Actor Kevin Durand undergoes a dramatic and le
67   Makeup artists help keep Kevin Durand's prosth
68   Director Gavin Hood prepares Hugh Jackman for
69   Director Gavin Hood has a look at the dailies
70   Shot against a green screen, Remy LeBeau's air
71   Director Gavin Hood and actor Danny Huston enj
72   High Jackman and Director Gavin Hood prepare t